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 updated 09-01-2018


 Updates 2018


Last EPSO Managment Board meeting was held 5-1-2018 Copenhagen, DPSA offices.






25.09.2017 Reykjavik, Iceland, EPSO Managment Board present decided unanimously to end the membership of Sipko Mülder of the EPSO Managment Board as soon as possible, but at latest before 1-1-2018.

The EPSO Managment Board will continue with 3 members and will consider- if required- in the future to invite new Management Board members.



Updates 2017


State of affairs of EPSO

26. September 2017



At the meeting in the Haag in June (01.06.) 2017 an unpaid management board for EPSO was formed (http://www.epsonet.eu/the-board-2.html ). The task for the board was documented as well as for the EPSO secretariat (http://www.epsonet.eu/documents.html ) .Two issues were specifically discussed. The first was transparency and especially financial transparency. The board in full (Jooske Vos, Sipko Mülder, Anette-Lykke Petri and IVO (The Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate), represented by Sabina Wikgren Orstam accepted that the Annual report (http://www.epsonet.eu/annual-reports.html ) which was presented at the meeting was according to the requirements for financial transparency.

The second task that especially was discussed was the relation between the chair of a working group and the EPSO secretariat. The board in full accepted a code of conduct (http://www.epsonet.eu/documents.html ) presented at the meeting.


EPSO Management Board





01.06.2017 new EPSO Management Board was installed at the Notary public and took office, represented by following members:


Jooske Vos, The Netherlands


Sipko Mülder, The Netherlands (since 01.01.2018 no more member of the EPSO Management Board)


Annette Lykke Petri, Denmark

See also the announcment in Danish press:



 The Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate

Inspektionen för vård och omsorg (IVO)

Represented by Sabina Wikgren Orstam


the EPSO Management Board

 As stated by the Stichting E.P.S.O. by-law p.7 and 8:


7.       Formation of the EPSO Management Board


a.       the members of the EPSO Management Board are appointed by the management board in conformity with Dutch law and with the statutes of E.P.S.O.

b.      The members of the EPSO Management Board are unpaid.

c.       The appointment of a management board member is done after the member concerned is being named by one or more of the  formal EPSO partners and appointed by  the EPSO Management Board.

d.      The EPSO Management Board decides what procedure to follow and who to appoint.

e.      De decision of the board is published on the EPSO website.


8.       Competences and responsibilities of the EPSO management Board members

a.       The job requirements for members of the EPSO management board are :


o   Enthusiastic about and supportive to the aims of EPSO;

o   Experienced in the field of management of a supervisory , monitoring or regulatory organization preferably at a senior management position;

o   Access to a broad  network  of colleagues in the field of supervisory monitoring or regulatory practice;

o   Communicative and network skills;

o   Creativity in building a new organisation;

o   Available for consultation and support activities if necessary;

o   Availability during at least 2 hours per month.


b.      The responsibilities of EPSO management Board members are:

o   Financial and organisational  responsibility for Foundation EPSO in accordance with the Dutch law and based on the Statutes of Foundation EPSO;

o   Administrative responsibility for the administrative obligations of foundation EPSO in accordance with the Dutch law;

o   Management responsibilities for foundation EPSO and its relation to the EPSO secretariat;

o   Organisational responsibility for a working  relationship  with Foundation Eurinspect as supporting the  EPSO activities;



 EPSO Management Board meeting was held 01.06.2016 in The Hague, EPSO offices




Updates 2016

The new proposed EPSO Managment Board members were intruduced during the EPSO 22nd Conference in Stockholm 30 September 2016 (see conference agenda under Practical Issues of EPSO) :


    Sipko Mülder, IGZ, The Netherlands


 Annette Lykke Petri, DPSA, Denmark


Sabina Wikgren-Orstam, IVO, Sweden



 Proposed canditates for members of the EPSO Advisory Council are requested to present themselves at the EPSO Secretariat. The EPSO Secretariat will ask the national  contact persons to nominate advisory board canditates.


Updates 2015


The Board (2015-2017):

 (elected in Dublin 2014, September)

- Glenn Houston ( president of the EPSO board from April  2015),

- César Dos Santos Carneiro (member of the EPSO board)

- prof. Geir Sverre Braut  ( president till April 2015, member of the EPSO board)

 - Patricia Gilheaney ( member of the EPSO board) resigned 14.12.2015

- prof. Paul Robben (member of the EPSO board)



- Jooske Vos (General Secretary of EPSO and EPSO board member)




BOARDMEMBERS (2015-2017):
(elected in Dublin 2014, October 25th)

1. Glenn Houston,  President (starting April 2015), Northern Ireland;


2. Geir Sverre Braut, Member (President until April 2015), Norway;



3.prof Paul Robben, Member , The Netherlands;


4. César Dos Santos Carneiro, Member, Portugal;

5.  Jooske Vos, Member and General Secretary of EPSO, The Netherlands.


   supported by
     EPSO secretariat
Jooske Vos  head of the secretariat
Mari Murel  research and policy officer

Updates  2014

  • Next elections for boardmembers 2015-2017 will be in Dublin ( 25-26 september 2014);
  • Geir Sverre Braut will resign as president (not as board member) at the end of 2014;
  • Neil Prime resigned from the EPSO board in February 2014.

Updates 2013:

Changes in the board September 18th, Anne Mette Dons resigned from the EPSO board during the Peer evaluation of the Danish Health and Medicine Authority (From Sept. 18th until mid 2014);

Updates 2012:

The Board (2013-2015) was elected at the Utrecht Conference by the  EPSO Members.

BOARDMEMBERS (2013-2015):
(elected Utrecht 2012, October 12)

1. Geir Sverre Braut (President), Norway;


2. Neil Prime (Member) stepped back as boardmember at the end of 2013, England;



3.prof Paul Robben EPSO board member , The Netherlands;



4. Jan Vesseur EPSO board member , The Netherlands;



5. Anne Mette Dons Board member (resigned during the peer evaluation in Denmark ( sept 18 untill mid 2014),  Denmark;



 6. Glenn Houston  Board member, Northern Ireland;


7. Portugal; César Dos Santos Carneiro (Member)



 8.  Jooske Vos EPSO board member and General Secretary of EPSO, EPSO;


 Dirk Meijer (Senior Advisor and  Secretary of the EPSO board, retired since detsember 2014)




The BOARD (2011-2013) was elected at the London Conference by the  EPSO Members

1. Norway; Geir Sverre Braut (President)

2. England; Richard Hamblin/Neil Prime (Members)

3. Netherlands; Paul Robben/Jan Vesseur (Members)

4. Republic of Ireland; Jon Billings (Member) (Untill 11-04-2012)

5. Denmark; Anne Mette Dons (Member)(From 11-04-2012)


The election procedure  for the election of the board is  presented   in ANNEX 1 to the program of the London Conference (see under past conferences ) Every Member (state or region) has three votes.


Provisional BOARDMEMBERS (provisional board untill 1-1-2011):


1.  Geir Sverre Braut (Norway) 

2.  Richard Hamblin/  Alex Mears (England)

      Paul Long

3.  Paul Robben (Netherlands)

    Jan Vesseur (Netherlands)




   supported by
     EPSO secretariat
Jooske Vos  head of the secretariat
Mari Murel  research and policy officer