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  1. Porto Conference Spring 2014
  2. Dublin Conference Autumn 2014

 For Programme and presentations see below on this page




 Main Topics of the 18th EPSO Conference:


1.Risk, Use of information and User involvement

  • International Review –presentation on the results of an international review on the topic of the use of Information for the regulation of health and social care by Tracy O’Carroll & Barbara Foley(HIQA);
  •  Service User Involvement in Mental Health Services – by Shari McDaid, Mental Health Reform;
  • EPSO Working group on Risk (update of ongoing activities and preparing for further steps) –Bruno Lucet (HAS)- chair of the EPSO risk working group;

2. Resilience in a contracting economies

  • Indicators of health system coverage and activity in Ireland during the economic crisis 2008–2014; From ‘more with less’ to ‘less with less’ by Sarah Burke , Ireland.   Sarah will as economist and commentator draw on quantitative and qualitative data collected as part of the Resilience project which monitored what happened in the Irish health system during the economic crisis of 2008-2014.
  • Human cost related to the recession and its impact on mental health services presented by Rosemary Smyth (MHC);

 3. Methodological Frameworks and Models for Supervisory Organisations (Inspection methods)

Inspectors use of discretion in Supervisory Organisations

  • Interactive working session based on a co-operative research study (first presentation of research outcomes) by Suzanne Rutz of ‘Samenwerkend Toezicht Jeugd’ (Joint Inspectorate for Youth) in the Netherlands and Dinah Mathew of the Care Quality Commission in England.

The topic is the way that inspectors’ discretion is structured through organisational routines and through collective work within and outside their organisations. The study will be used to prepare for a cross-border discussion between EPSO members on this topic at the 20th EPSO conference in Finland (Autumn) 2015.

4.EPSO ongoing topics

  • The Estonian Pilot of the Restraints and Coercive Methods working group to test the EPSO Assessment and Evaluation Framework in long term nursing care, psychiatric wards and various hospitals in in Tartu, Valkla and Rõngu, in Estonia. Presentation of the Final Report of the Estonian visit and plans for follow up by the EPSO working group on restraints and coercive methods.

Practical issues of EPSO

  • EPSO Work plan;
  • Introducing the Norway (Oslo or Trondheim) conference April 16th and 17th, 2015;
  • Introducing the Helsinki Conference, Finland September 28th and 29th, 2015;
  • Election of EPSO Board and new EPSO President 2015-2019;
  • Working group activities update; Suggestions about new topics, additional items, what’s coming up; Financial topics; Possible new EPSO members (EPSO members can come up with suggestions for new members); Welcome to new members: Isle of Man and other new members;

  Programme of the 18th EPSO Conference in Dublin  September 2014:

Click on download for the Programme

140913 Final Programme 18th EPSO conference Dublin 25 and 26 Sept 2014.docx


Click on download for the Short Report 

150225 Short Report of the 18th EPSO Conference Dublin September 25th and 26th 2014.pdf



Clik below on download for the  presentations


1 prof Jane Grimson , acting CEO of HIQA- welcome to the EPSO conference in Dublin.pptx


2 From more with less to less with less , quantitative and qualitative data collcted as part of theResilience projecht which monitored what happened in  the Irish health system during the economic crisis of 2009-2014 by  Dr Sara Burke economist and commentator.pptx

3 Short Commemnts by Prof Alvaro Moreira da Silva.pptx

 4 Human Costs related to teh recession and its impact on mental health services in Ireland by Rosemary Smyth.ppt

5 Inspectors use of discretion in supervisory organosations by Suzanne Rutz and  Dinah Mathew.pptx

6 International review on the use of information for inspection and regulation Tracy O'Carroll and Barbara Foley.pptx

7 Service user involvement in Mental Health Services Shari Mc Daid.pptx

 8 EPSO working group on Risk update  of ongoing activities and further steps by Bruno Lucet.pptx

9 Tom O'Regan.pptx Risk in Ireland


10 Janna Kokko.pptx Risk in Sweden

11 Eve Pilt.ppt Estonian Pilot - introduction

12 Estonian Pilot - main findings ,the use of psychopharmacological medicines and possibilities to improve by Rosemary Smyth.

13 Hanna Ahonen.ppt the Right of Selve determination in Health and Social care , The Finnish experience

 14 Jooske Vos  Estonian Pilot Human Rights vs National Legislation the  legal context.pptx

15 Thijs Melchior.pptx Conclusions, Follow up and start of the discussion




 Programme (17th) Porto conference May 2014

Click here for the pdf of this programme

Click here for the short report of this conference.


Click here for the presentation of Jorge Simoês: Highlighting the position of ERS as supervisory organisation in Portugal

Click here for the presentation of Margarida  França: Health policy and health system changes in times of cirisis: challenges for regulators and supervisors

Click here for the presentation of Pieter van Dijk: Financial Risk

Click here for the questionnaire of César Carneiro called Questionnaire on economic regulation and supervision of health services

Click here for the presentation of the RISK management group: Risk management and Risk indicators


hosted by Entidade Reguladora da Saúde (ERS)

PROGRAMME 17th EPSO conference Porto 8 and 9 May 2014 fin 140407 pdf
Download here the most recent version of the Porto programme in pdf. (2014-04-07)

Form de Rsv Directo - 17 ª EPSO Conference.pdf


Doanload here the most recent participants list of the Porto conference.



Main Topics of the 17th EPSO Conference

 in Porto , Portugal:



  1. Economic Regulation and Financial aspects of Inspection  

•        New challenges for regulatory and supervisory organisations: What are the main changes in health systems under financial and economic stress?

•        Health policy and health system changes in times of crisis: a presentation about the health care reforms in Portugal set up by the troika and how they bring new challenges for the health regulator,  a Portuguese perspective;

•        Financial Risk, financial and management indicators: financial problems in the social care sector seem to have serious impact on the quality of healthcare and the qualitative results of health care institutions in this sector; if this indeed proves to be the case, this finding could help supervisory organisations with early detection and risk selection of quality failure in the health sector.  

•        First results of a review on  financial misuse in health institutions in Northern Ireland

•        First results of the EPSO Questionnaire on Economic regulation and supervision of health services: results and conclusions of a survey on:

-          Missions and responsibilities of EPSO members related to market competition and business relationships in health care;

-          Main problems of health systems in these economic dimensions;

-          Regulatory approaches to such problems.

•        Forum discussion on Economic Regulation and Financial aspects of Inspection .

  1. Risk Management and Risk indicators

•        Planned activities of the EPSO working group on Risk management Current state of affairs and recent developments in the area of Risk management and Risk indicators.

•        Focus on risk indicators: The SINAS (quality ratings) project by the Portuguese Health Regulation Authority.

  1. Media and Social Media in relation to Supervisory organisations

•        Follow up survey regarding Media and Supervisory Organisations (current state of affairs): Impact enhancement and damage control through media management by supervisory organisations.

•        Social media and Supervisory organisations: added value of ‘social media’ in health care based on a recent research study.

  1. The Estonian Pilot of the Restraints and Coercive Methods working group to test the EPSO Assessment and Evaluation Framework in long term nursing care, psychiatric wards and various hospitals in in Tartu, Valkla and Rõngu, Estonia.

•        Introduction to the Estonian pilot; First Results.

  1. Directors of Hospital Boards in debate with CEO’s of Inspections and Regulators based on Questions like:

1.       How to find the best incentives for excellent co–operation between hospital boards and health inspectorates/ regulators in hospital care?

2.       What should be the main objectives and future goals for health inspectorates health inspectorates and inspectors to promote excellence or at least the best possible care, including excellent quality and safety systems in hospitals, the best possible care for users of hospital care and to prevent hospitals from qualitative decline by neglect of critical factors or overlooking important aspects of good governance and effective management in hospitals?

3.       Which road leads to mutual understanding between hospital directors and inspectorates or regulators and which road leads to mutual challenge to promote the best possible hospital care?

4.       How to find the best incentives for excellent co–operation between hospital boards and health inspectorates in hospital care?

  1. Practical issues of EPSO